The Strain’s Season 2 Premiere is This Week’s TV Highlight


Check out what’s new and notable on TV this week, including the return of The Strain, Masters of Sex, Ray Donovan, Rectify, and more.

Humans: “Episode 2″ Review


In Humans’ second episode, Anita’s odd behavior begins to escalate while Dr. Millican receives a new replacement health-bot.

Penny Dreadful: What’s Lies Ahead in Season 3?


Penny Dreadful’s creator/writer John Logan talks to IGN about the big Season 2 finale and which characters may debut (or return) in Season 3.

Penny Dreadful: “And They Were Enemies” Review


In Penny Dreadful’s Season 2 finale, Vanessa is confronted with the ultimate temptation while coming face to (familiar) face with the Devil.

Ballers: “Move the Chains” Review


In Ballers’ third episode, Spencer and Joe throw a giant party to try and attract more business.

Penny Dreadful: Vanessa to Face Off Against…Vanessa?


Penny Dreadful creator/writer John Logan previews the upcoming Season 2 finale with IGN and talks about his inspiration for this year’s creepy dolls.

Under the Dome: “Redux” Review


The Dome denizens returned to reality this week and had a hard time accepting the Dome-iness of it all.

Aquarius: “Cease to Resist” Review


In Aquarius’ seventh episode, an undercover gig makes Brian uncomfortable while an old flame visits Charlie.

Game of Thrones: The 10 Best Episodes


After five wonderfully soul-crushing seasons filled with dragonfire, sorcery, and mass death, we’ve selected the very best Game of Thrones episodes.

Firefly: “The Train Job” Flashback Review


Mal agrees to work for a notorious crime lord in Firefly’s alternate pilot, “The Train Job.”

Why Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Was Awesome


With Terminator: Genisys in theaters, we look back at the superb Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – starring Game of Thrones’ Lena Headey.

New to Hulu for July 2015


Here’s the full list of what’s headed to Hulu in July, including Fargo, Annie Hall, Mystic Pizza, WarGames, and more.

New to HBO NOW for July 2015


HBO’s stand-alone streaming service will have The Book of Life, Dawn of the Dead, Andy Samberg’s 7 Days in Hell, and more this July.

Wrestling: Authority and Bray Wyatt Demolish Reigns and Ambrose


Plus, Lana and Summer Rae throw down, Kane gets a Hawaiian vacation, and Jeff Jarrett returns to TNA while Magnus, Storm, and more leave.

This Week in TV: Penny Dreadful Season Finale, Scream, Buffy, More


TV unleashes a bloody primetime schedule this week with Penny Dreadful’s Season 2 sign-off, Scream’s debut, and the beginnings of Buffy.

Salem: “The Witching Hour” Review


Salem ended its season season with fire, death, rebirth…and then more death.

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