Game of Thrones Cast Sign On for 7th (and Final?) Season


The main cast of HBO’s Game of Thrones have renegotiated their contracts to include the option for a Season 7, which could be the show’s last.

Syfy Now Returning to Battlestar Galactica-Quality Sci-Fi


Previously rebranded for broader, lighter, less-science fiction-y shows, Syfy is now looking to get back to its dark, serious Battlestar roots.

Lily Rabe Reprising Her Asylum Role in Freak Show


In a guest star appearance that will unite two seasons of American Horror Story, Lily Rabe will play Sister Mary on an episode of Freak Show.

American Horror Story: “Edward Mordrake, Pt 2″ Review


While Edward Mordrake searches for a freak to drag to hell, Jimmy and Maggie get caught up in crazy clown chaos.

The Knick: Season 1 Review


This year’s auteur-driven TV movement brought us Steven Soderbergh’s gory, provocative medical series, The Knick. So how was it?

Elementary: Sherlock Holmes Has a New “Watson”


Elementary’s back and Sherlock has a new assistant. Check out our interviews with Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, and new star Ophelia Lovibond.

Netflix Picks Up Live-Action Richie Rich Series


A new live-action comedy series based on Harvey Comics’ “world’s richest kid” is coming to Netflix early next year.

Wrestling Wrap Up: Cena Refuses to Join the Authority


Plus, Hell in a Cell results, Mark Henry turns on Big Show, AJ’s got no one left to face, Mizdow is amazing, Orton’s babyface turn, and more

CBS Gives Full Season Orders to Stalker, Scorpion, More


CBS has given four of its new shows, including Stalker and Scorpion, full season pick-ups.

Gotham: “Spirit of the Goat” Review


A serial killer from Detective Bullock’s past returns to wreak havoc on Gotham’s rich and privileged.

Person of Interest: “Pretenders” Review


With Finch off in Hong Kong, Reese and the rest must protect a man pretending to be a police detective.

Taylor Kitsch Confirms True Detective Season 2 Role


The star of Friday Night Lights and Lone Survivor has revealed that he’ll be a part of the second season of HBO’s True Detective.

8 Things to Watch This Week


TV highlights for the week include Elementary’s return, The Flash’s Captain Cold, Mike Tyson on Adult Swim, Nyssa al Ghul on Arrow, and more.

The Walking Dead: Director Chosen for Spinoff Pilot


AMC’s found their director for the first episode of the new Walking Dead spinoff series – and he’s an NBC Community veteran.

Mike Tyson Mysteries: Series Premiere Review


Adult Swim’s new Mike Tyson Mysteries features Mike Tyson, a ghost, a bird, and… look, it’s Mike Tyson solving crimes!

The Walking Dead: “Four Walls and a Roof” Review


With members of the group disappearing, Rick and Abraham disagree over what the next course of action should be.

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