25 Best TV Moments of 2012


Explosions, gougings, acid trips and more made for some memorable TV. Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Parks and Rec, Community, Dexter, Happy Endings, Awake, etc…

Hey now! Welcome to Showrenity’s first ever feature – “25 Best TV Moments of 2012.” I did a 2011 version of this last year, but over on my Tumblr (click!). This time around I’ve upped the number to 25 and filled it full of eye-gouging, merciful matricide, ukulele playing, pie attacks and inter-office pugilism. I’ll try to be vague-ish, but I’m still posting a spoiler alert for Game of Thrones, Homeland, Made Men, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, Fringe, Spartacus and The Walking Dead.

25: Talk to the Hand. The Crazy, Bats*** Hand


Neal McDonough’s Quarles lent a significant amount of murderous lunacy to Justified’s third season, and never so more than we he confronted Raylan in “Guy Walks into a Bar” and outstretched his arm and made his hand speak, as he provided the cartoon voice, “night night.” Of course, what we expected to happen was for Quarles to brandish his Taxi Driver-inspired sleeve gun, but he pulled a fast, and loopy, one on us. There were moments of Season 3 when I pretended that Quarles was actually the villain revealed (that McDonough also played) in the Terriers finale, given both character’s penchant for torturing young men. Of course, we never saw exactly what was in the photo that Hank Dolworth showed McDonough’s character, but it was of similar insidiousness. I think what I really just want, when you get down to it, is a Raylan/Hank team-up episode.


24: “Enemy is the inner-me”

In “Menzies,” Nick, trying to prove to his roommates that he didn’t have anger issues, stormed off in a huff. A few minutes later, he encountered a silent old Asian man on a bench and got some of the best treatment he’d ever had. It should also be mentioned that this encounter eventually lead to some amazingly awkward aquatic therapy.


23: Farts So Good

Jerry was going to die. But he was also farting. But he was totally dying. Stop laughing. This is serious. There’s also a better-than-average chance that he totally ate farts for lunch.

Yes, I probably laughed harder at this scene than any other moment in 2012. BECAUSE FARTS! Which, I presume, is all you need to know about me.




Sure, Al Capone is a racist, murdering thug with a nasty chip on his shoulder.  But when he picks up a Ukelele and begins to sing “My Buddy” to his deaf son, I’m going to cry, dammit! This was the least-fair moment on all of TV last year.


21: “New Fluffytown didn’t care who you were”

“You were surrounded by softness. It was like crawling through a hug. Well, I guess all hugs got to come to an end.”


20: Burning Down the House


In the pivotal Spartacus: Vengeance episode, “Libertus,” Gannicus entered the story for the first time since the prequel season and played a key role in the rebels not only rescuing Crixus and Oenomaus, but setting the entire gladiator arena ablaze, killing just about everyone in the stands in the process.  The incineration and collapse of the arena was both an audience-pleasing and audience-burning moment; signaling that Spartacus considered blood-thirsty fans who merely watched the fights to be guilty enough to burn alive.  I imagine a poor, reluctant boy, dragged by his father to see the games for the first time.  “You’re gonna love this, son.”


Moments from Dexter, Happy Endings, Fringe, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones on page 2…

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