Batista Acts Like an Ass After Royal Rumble Win


Surprise surprise. The guy with the navel tat acts like a cheesehole. Fan reports have now surfaced regarding WWE Superstar Batista‘s hostile behavior toward the Pittsburgh crowd last night after winning the Royal Rumble match.

After the cameras went dark, and absolutely no one was happy, Batista walked to the back, reportedly pissed at all the boos and “NO!” chants. He got into a verbal altercation with one fan at ringside who gave him the finger – saying he could take out the guy with the snap of his fingers. Then giving the fan the finger right back.

When Batista reached the stage area, he then mocked the crowd with Daniel Bryan‘s own “YES!” chants – with middle fingers out as he thrust his arms into the air…

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Batista’s a-hole actions upset some WWE officials.

Likewise, Randy Orton (who you’ll remember was super-pissed off after the IZOD Center post-WrestleMania RAW) was “extremely angry” over the crowd’s reaction to his match with John Cena. He was reportedly heard telling Cena that they were the worst crowd ever, with Cena responding with “Don’t worry about it.

(Final thought: From everything I’ve heard, Batista’s actually a swell guy. And this wasn’t his fault, it was Vince, Hunter, and Creative’s. But this was not the way to deal with the situation.)

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16 Responses to “Batista Acts Like an Ass After Royal Rumble Win”

  1. Nick Barry says:

    Yeah that was crazy the crowd didn’t want him to win. I was rooting for reigns

  2. Tony Mattingly says:

    Orton’s bit is my favorite. Ask Bryan if that was “The worst crowd ever” during his match. That crowd had passion. That crowd had energy. They just were given nothing to sink their teeth into.

  3. David Arroyo says:

    I feel sorry for Orton and Cena. They don’t book the matches, and it certainly wasn’t a bad match by any stretch, but the fans are tired of the match-up and they’re tired of Vince’s refusal to push Bryan to the top of the card. It ain’t 1985 anymore…heck, it ain’t 1997 either. The fans are smarter, wiser, and they know who the real talents are.

    • mattfowler says:

      I agree. Not an “awful” match by any stretch. Just awful in its inception. Fed up fans didn’t agree with the two choices for the guys wrestling over the world title and they let ‘em know it.

    • Ricardo Filho says:

      that’s right, Batista is not a rookie he should know better than retaliate fan rage like that, i would not say wiser, but the crowd is just DONE with the Cena push and the Wacky Heel that Orton is doing, there would be no problem if the characters fighting over the belt were build in good stories, Bryan or not, Punk or not, it’s bad decision after bad decision, if WWE had a GOOD competition they would be in trouble, i hope this WcW sindrome vanish from it’s creative team

      • David Arroyo says:

        Personally, I just wrote Batista’s behavior off as trying to play the heel to an unreceptive crowd (but I get why people have soured on it). That’s one of the great things about this business, showing your ass can can work FOR you.

  4. Brandon Harripersaud says:

    That was not the worst crowd, Orton is losing his mind. The fans know what they want to see, end of story.

    • David Arroyo says:

      That was Orton’s first real dose of the Cena treatment. Cena handled it like a pro though. I love the guy not his character.

      • Austin says:

        Even Orton seemed to embrace it during the match, they were chanting “We Want Diva’s” and then Orton does his top rope pose. They chanted Y2J and then Cena went for The Walls of Jericho. Both men really did try and play to the crowd, and it wasn’t half bad. It just wasn’t what people wanted to see.

      • Lord_Tyranny2577 says:

        Indeed, Cena’s an iron man for enduring all that he has and keeping a smile on his face all these years.

        • DuuuuDe says:

          Cena I hate your face, I hate your smile, and I esspecially hate your jorts…But goddamn it I respect you, Keep on hustling, respecting and that other thing you crazy man.

  5. Tyler says:

    You have to feel for the wrestlers as this is in no way their doing. When Rey came out to a chorus of boos, that summed up everything right there. It felt like a breaking point, the last chance to right the wrongs was missed. Now, everything will feel too little too late with Bryan. Fans aren’t mad at anyone in particular, we’re ticked at the company (which is a terrible place to be for WWE) and the wrestlers are the ones taking the brunt of the frustration, and because of that it’ll be spun as those wrestlers are to blame for a lack of drawing or connecting with the audience so the company will be protecting itself at least internally. As for me, I always watch for a awhile until I either get bored or just lose interest and take a break for a few years, then tune back in on a random Monday. It just so happens the last time I did that was a time when Triple H, Orton, and Cena were always on. And so it is this time too. I hope in a couple of years i’ll check out a raw and be entertained and start watching again, but as for now I’m just burnt out on the product.

    • Lord_Tyranny2577 says:

      Yeah, poor Rey. He didn’t deserve that, he was just placed poorly within the Rumble. I hope that perhaps he understands that the fans probably weren’t all really booing “at him”, they were booing because they wanted Daniel Bryan and/or felt the #30 spot should have been a surprise entrant.

  6. Citizen Cane says:

    I really don’t understand the pushing of Orton who is a risk behavior wise when you have decent trouble free zones like Punk and Bryan to push. Let alone the fact that it’s who the public want. I really hope tonights RAW somehow becomes the wwe’s auto correct or that Dr Sam Beckett leaps into Vinces body to put things right.

  7. Austin says:

    It’s a shame, because the actual rumble match was awesome. Kane taking revenge on CM Punk, Reigns beating the elimination record, Kofi doing his thing, the Return of Kevin Nash, Sheamus returning, Ambrose trying to turn on Reigns. Hell even El Torito’s bits were hilarious, and JBL entering the match then being eliminated was funny as hell (YOU STILL GOT IT!). But not having Daniel Bryan soured the whole thing.

  8. Lord_Tyranny2577 says:

    Batista acted like a huge tool, which is probably something we partially expected, but WWE Creative is to blame here.

    They should know how to book their stars better by now, regardless of who’s back there making the decisions. Orton, Cena, Batista, Rey Mysterio, and Daniel Bryan all deserve better than what they were given at the Royal Rumble.

    While it’s true that you can’t always let the roar of the fans run the business, it’s also true that sometimes bad booking is just bad booking. I’d say that perhaps Creative can at least learn some lessons from this…but will they…?

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