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Hannibal: Richard Armitage Cast as the Tooth Fairy Killer


Star of the Hobbit franchise Richard Armitage has been cast as the sadistic Francis Dolarhyde – aka the “Tooth Fairy” – in Hannibal: Season 3.

Amazon Signs Woody Allen to Create His First TV Series


Amazon orders a full season of a new Woody Allen TV series, with all episodes to be written and directed by Allen.

Matthew Perry, Thomas Lennon on Their New Odd Couple


Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon talk CBS’ The Odd Couple while co-star/Community alum Yvette Nicole Brown explains changing shows.

WWE 2015 Hall of Fame’s First Inductee is Randy Savage


The late, great ex-WWF/WCW champ “Macho Man” Randy Savage is headed to the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame.

Is iZombie Actually Walking Dead Meets Veronica Mars?


Creator Rob Thomas dishes on making a zombie show where characters actually know about zombies, and how hero Liv compares to Veronica Mars.

Vixen Animated Series to Share Arrow/Flash TV Universe


The creator of Arrow and The Flash is helming a new animated series based on DC’s Vixen that will be a part of the same TV-verse.

Outlander Stars Address Upcoming Spanking Scene


The cast and creators of Starz’ Outlander tease the second half of Season 1 and preview the moment when Jamie must “discipline” Claire.

Lost’s Carlton Cuse on Remaking The Returned for the U.S.


The American remake of Les Revenants, starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Jeremy Sisto, will feature changes from the original.

Lucky Luciano Ascends in AMC’s New Making of the Mob


AMC to air an eight-part miniseries chronicling the historical roots of the original Five Families and the formation of the modern American Mafia.

AMC’s Spy Miniseries to Star Hugh Laurie, Tom Hiddleston


Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston will star in a new AMC/BBC miniseries based on one of spymaster John le Carré’s most acclaimed books.

Banshee: Season Premiere Review


In Banshee’s Season 3 premiere, Chayton Littlestone returns to town and goes on a warpath against – well – everyone.

Hopkins/McKellen Working Together for First Time on Starz


Working together for the first time, Anthony Hopkins and Ian McKellen have signed up for the Starz/BBC TV movie, The Dresser.

Banshee: Expect the Unexpected from Season 3


I chat with Banshee EP/Showrunner Greg Yaitanes about the “multiple season finale” feeling of Season 3, the return of Chayton, and more.

MythBusters Test The Simpsons’ Cherry Bomb Prank


Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman – the MythBusters – talk about their new Simpsons episode and doing the show without The Build Team.

Dixie Carter on the Changes Coming to Impact Wrestling


TNA president Dixie Carter intends to pull the curtain back on the industry even more now that Impact Wrestling is on a new channel.

Jerry Lawler Off RAW, Booker T Replacing Him Permanently


The WWE has announced some big changes to both RAW and Smackdown’s commentary teams.

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