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The Walking Dead: “Try” Review


In the penultimate Season 5 episode, tensions mount between Rick’s crew and the citizens of Alexandria.

Banshee: Season 3 Review


A vengeful, hulking warrior and a mad Colonel made sure the streets of Banshee ran red with blood in Season 3.

Black Sails: “XVII” Review


In Black Sails’ penultimate Season 2 episode, Flint and Miranda make a bold proposition to an old ally.

Game of Thrones: Best Book to TV Tweaks


HBO’s Game of Thrones will deviate from the novels more than ever during Season 5, so here’s a look at some of the best changes from the books.

Vikings: “The Usurper” Review


Ragnar and Rollo return home to Kattegat and discover that tragedy stuck while they were gone.

The Walking Deceased Review


The Walking Dead, Warm Bodies, Zombieland, and more are the targets of this latest film spoof. So does it have any brains to consume?

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season Finale Review


In Always Sunny’s Season 10 finale, Mac and Charlie join a cult all about extreme manliness. But who’s the mysterious master pulling their strings?

Agents of SHIELD: “One of Us” Review


Kyle MacLachlan’s Cal returns with a newly-assembled gang of villains intent on bringing down Coulson and his team.

Powers: “Devil in a Garbage Bag” Review


In PSN’s fourth episode of Powers, Walker and Pilgrim are called into action after a crisis erupts at the prison.

Bates Motel: “The Arcanum Club” Review


Norma searches for a missing motel guest while Dylan meets his creepy new neighbor, played by Sons of Anarchy’s Ryan Hurst.

The Walking Dead: “Spend” Review


Our heroes find themselves in trouble outside the walls of Alexandria while Carol makes a startling discovery.

Black Sails: “XVI” Review


Eleanor makes some shocking discoveries while Flint attempts to return Abigail to her father.

Banshee: Season 3 Finale Review


In Banshee’s action-packed Season 3 finale, Hood gets some unexpected help in launching a rescue mission.

Powers: “Mickey Rooney Cries No More” Review


Walker and Pilgrim attend the grand opening of Johnny Royalle’s nightclub while an armored hero named Triphammer experiments on inmates.

Vikings: “Scarred” Review


Events escalate with Kevin Durand’s Harbard back in Kattegat while Princess Kwenthrith plans a festive homecoming for her brother.

Powers: “Like a Power” Review


In the second episode of PSN’s Powers, Walker and Pilgrim’s hunt for Calista leads them to Michelle Forbes’ Retro Girl.

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