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Under the Dome: “Caged” Review


Julia tries to convince Barbie of the alien brainwashing conspiracy while Big Jim tries to figure out Christine’s big plan.

Firefly: “Safe” Flashback Review


We look back at Firefly’s “Safe,” in which Book’s past is questioned while Simon and River find themselves in harm’s way.

Sharknado 3 Review


Fin Shepard and his shark slaughtering ways are back in Syfy’s third movie about ferocious flying fish eating D-list celebs.

True Detective: “Other Lives” Review


This week’s True Detective showed us our heroes in the aftermath of last week’s chaos and carnage.

Humans: “Episode 4″ Review


In Humans’ fourth episode, Joe accesses some of Anita’s “special features” while George gets an unexpected visitor.

Ballers: “Machete Charge” Review

BR430392_PA_Ballers Poster_v3[1]

Spencer agrees to help Vernon with a sensitive situation while Ricky tries to make amends with Alonzo.

Penny Dreadful Season Review


In Season 2 of Showtime’s Penny Dreadful, Vanessa endured the curses and temptations of witches while battling for her eternal soul.

Under the Dome: “Alaska” Review


Big Jim went looking for answers while Christine tried her best to manipulate the Dome denizens.

Firefly: “Shindig” Flashback Review


In “Shindig,” Mal finds himself in over his head while defending Inara’s honor at a fancy ball.

Humans: “Episode 3″ Review


In Humans’ third episode, Laura tries to find out if something is truly wrong with Anita while Niska hides from the authorities.

Masters of Sex: Season 3 Premiere Review


Masters of Sex skyrockets years ahead into the ’60s for its Season 3 premiere, as Bill and Virginia prepare to take their research public.

Ballers: “Heads Will Roll” Review


In Ballers’ fourth episode, Spencer reluctantly visits a doctor while Charles gets tempted by a fan.

Firefly: “Bushwhacked” Flashback Review


We look back at Firefly’s “Bushwhacked,” in which Mal and is crew come across a mysterious, damaged transport shuttle.

Humans: “Episode 2″ Review


In Humans’ second episode, Anita’s odd behavior begins to escalate while Dr. Millican receives a new replacement health-bot.

Penny Dreadful: What’s Lies Ahead in Season 3?


Penny Dreadful’s creator/writer John Logan talks to IGN about the big Season 2 finale and which characters may debut (or return) in Season 3.

Penny Dreadful: “And They Were Enemies” Review


In Penny Dreadful’s Season 2 finale, Vanessa is confronted with the ultimate temptation while coming face to (familiar) face with the Devil.

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