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Gotham: “Viper” Review


A new (and familiar) drug hits the streets of Gotham while Cobblepot takes a huge risk in order to gain Maroni’s trust.

The Walking Dead: “Strangers” Review


Rick and the survivors run into a mysterious stranger on the road and, in the wake of Terminus, must decide how much to trust him.

Boardwalk Empire: “Friendless Child” Review


In the penultimate series episode, Nucky makes a big move in his battle against Luciano and Lansky.

The Knick: Season 1 Finale Review


In The Knick’s Season 1 finale, Thackery’s paranoia reaches new heights/depths as he races to solve a medical mystery before Dr. Zinberg.

American Horror Story: “Massacres and Matinees” Review


Michael Chiklis joins Freak Show this week as a strongman with different ideas about how to run things.

Person of Interest: “Brotherhood” Review


Reese and Team Machine attempt to protect a young brother and sister from a vindictive street gang.

Marry Me: Series Premiere Review


From the creator of Happy Endings comes a comedy about a couple who have a habit of suffering embarrassing setbacks on their way to the altar.

Jane the Virgin Review


This new breezy CW show features a virginal student who finds herself accidentally impregnated – becoming the center of her own telenovela

Gotham: “Arkham” Review


The future of Arkham Asylum and its surrounding land pitted Falcone against Maroni this week on Gotham. Meanwhile, Fish held, um…auditions.

The Walking Dead: Season 5 Premiere Review


The Walking Dead’s fifth season kicks off with an awesome, violent hellscape of an episode as Rick and his crew are forced to deal with Terminus.

Boardwalk Empire: “Devil You Know” Review


After surprising news, both Nucky and Chalky find themselves with big decisions to make.

The Knick: “The Golden Lotus” Review


In the penultimate Season 1 episode, Dr. Thackery’s need for drugs causes Nurse Lucy to go above and beyond for her man.

Transparent Season 1 Review


Amazon Prime’s great new transgender dramedy, from Six Feet Under’s Jill Soloway, is a warm and winning look at a family secrets and life changes.

Legends: Season 1 Finale Review


In the Legends Season 1 finale, Odum comes to learn about his participation in the Operation Raining Fire conspiracy.

The Affair Review


Showtime’s new, subdued drama explores different characters’ takes on an extramarital affair. So should we remain loyal?

American Horror Story: Freak Show Premiere Review


American Horror Story opens the doors to its Freak Show and introduces us to a troupe of oddities and a (freaky) psycho clown.

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