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The World of Ice & Fire Review


George R. R. Martin’s fully-illustrated historical compendium to his Game of Thrones books, and the HBO series, is as impressive as it is excessive.

American Horror Story: “Test of Strength” Review


Stanley forces Dell into an impossible situation while Elsa tries to figure out how to deal with a couple of new problems.

Person of Interest: “Point of Origin” Review


Reese takes a tactics instructor gig at the police academy in order to keep an eye on Team Machine’s latest number.

Gotham: “Harvey Dent” Review


Jim Gordon meets a bright, young new lawyer with a habit of flipping coins while Selina and Bruce have a food fight.

The Walking Dead: “Consumed” Review


Carol and Daryl leave Rick’s group behind in search of answers about who may have taken Beth.

The Missing Premiere Review


Starz debuts a powerful new eight-part series about a couple who lose their young son while vacationing in France.

Constantine: “A Feast of Friends” Review


An old friend from John’s past returns with a big problem that may spell the starving, rotting end of humanity.

American Horror Story: “Bullseye” Review


Elsa tries to cover her tracks when Paul begins to suspect her of foul play with regards to the missing twins.

Person of Interest: “Honor Among Thieves” Review


Shaw uncovers a dangerous plot when she partners up with an international thief while Finch checks out a special project being funded by Samaritan.

Gotham: “The Mask” Review


Gordon and Bullock investigate a Fight Club-y finance firm while Bruce asks Alfred to help him deal with trouble at school.

The Walking Dead: “Self Help” Review


Abraham’s group runs into multiple dangers out on the road, causing past secrets to come to light.

Constantine: “The Devil’s Vinyl” Review


DC character Papa Midnite debuts this week as John searches for a demonic record that possesses its listeners once the needle drops.

American Horror Story: “Pink Cupcakes” Review


Stanley escalates his schemes to procure himself some Freak Show specimens while Desiree gets some surprising news during a visit to the doctor.

Boardwalk Empire: Season 5 Review


With the initial promise that no one would go quietly, how was Boardwalk Empire’s final, blood-spattered season of sin and salvation?

Gotham: “Penguin’s Umbrella” Review


In an exciting, unpredictable Gotham, Gordon tries to survive Falcone and Fish’s wrath while Penguin’s larger schemes are revealed.

The Walking Dead: “Slabtown” Review


Where’s Beth been this whole time? Well “Slabtown” answers all that, including the people who took her and the new dangers she now faces.

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