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Fear the Walking Dead: “So Close, Yet So Far” Review


In Fear the Walking Dead’s second episode, Madison comes face to face with an old friend – who’s gone through some changes.

Ballers: Season 1 Review


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson made a big splash on HBO this summer with Ballers. So was it a touchdown or an incomplete pass?

Under the Dome: “Love is a Battlefield” Review


Barbie and Julia experienced their own version of labor pains this week while Big Jim tried to save Junior.

Firefly: “War Stories” Flashback Review


We look back on the Firefly episode, “War Stories,” in which Wash and Mal find themselves captured by a ruthless enemy.

From Dusk Till Dawn: Season 2 Premiere Review


Season 2 of El Rey’s From Dusk Till Dawn TV show kicked things off with Esai Morales as a vampire lord and Danny Trejo as an undead warrior.

Humans: Season 1 Review


AMC’s Humans explored an alternative reality where people are served by human-like robots. So was it good or did it need some reprogramming?

Ballers: Season 1 Finale Review


HBO’s Ballers ended its first season with – what else? – everyone getting paid!

Firefly: “Ariel” Flashback Review


This week we look back at Firefly’s “Ariel,” in which Simon asks the Serenity crew to help him break into an Alliance hospital.

Fear the Walking Dead: “Pilot” Review


AMC’s Walking Dead spinoff is days away from premiering. So does this new prequel tale about a family in Los Angeles have bite or does it just bite?

Ballers: “Head On” Review


In Ballers’ penultimate Season 1 episode, The Walking Dead’s Michael Cudlitz guest stars as Spencer confronts a face from his past.

True Detective: Season 2 Review


True Detective returned this summer with a new location, a large cast, and high expectations. So did it throw us or thrill us?

Firefly: “Out of Gas” Flashback Review


I look back at one of Firefly’s very best episodes, “Out of Gas,” as an on board explosion places the Serenity crew in danger.

Humans: “Episode 7” Review

William Hurt as George.

In Humans’ penultimate Season 1 episode, Leo tries to save his brother while Karen’s true identity is revealed.

Ballers: “Gaslighting” Review


Spencer agrees to meet with Angela Lee while Joe considers other business opportunities.

True Detective Season 2 Finale Review


True Detective’s Season 2 ends with our heroes having to decide whether or not to try and take down the bad guys or escape with their lives.

Under the Dome: “Breaking Point” Review


Big Jim and Julia team up to cause some damage and – oh yeah! – everything was a damn lie!

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