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Vikings: “The Dead” Review


In Vikings’ Season 3 finale, Bjorn is forced to assume a leadership role as Ragnar’s condition worsens.

Louie: “Cop Story” Review


Michael Rapaport guest stars as Louie deals with an overbearing, unstable police officer who wants to be his friend.

The Forger Review


John Travolta’s latest, currently playing on VOD, has him starring as a master forger trying to bond with his teenage son.

Penny Dreadful: “Fresh Hell” Review


Showtime’s Penny Dreadful is back, and in the Season 2 premiere (now available to watch online) Vanessa and Ethan face a new, dark threat.

Powers: “Level 13″ Review


In Powers’ penultimate Season 1 episode, Walker and Royalle hatch a plan to break into The Shaft.

Gotham: “Under the Knife” Review


Bruce and Selina continue to investigate Wayne Enterprises while Barbara makes a new friend.

Game of Thrones: “The House of Black and White” Review


This week on Game of Thrones, Arya struggles to find her way in Braavos while Stannis makes Jon a tempting offer.

Vikings: “Breaking Point” Review


In Viking’s penultimate Season 3 episode, Ragnar makes a bold personal decision that may cause trouble within his own army.

Louie: “A La Carte” Review


A young comic asks for feedback while Louie and Pamela engage in some real talk about their relationship.

Person of Interest: “Terra Incognito” Review


In a poignant, revealing episode, Reese attempts to crack a cold case that Detective Carter couldn’t solve.

Powers: “Aha Shake Heartbreak” Review


In Powers’ eighth episode, Royalle reveals the secrets of sway while Zora’s PR team preps her for a big public appearance.

Gotham: “Beasts of Prey” Review


Heroes’ Milo Ventimiglia begins his arc as a serial killer known as “The Ogre” while Fish attempts to escape her captors.

Game of Thrones: Season 5 Premiere “The Wars to Come” Review


In Game of Thrones’ Season 5 premiere, Tyrion finds himself in a new land while Jon Snow learns of Stannis’ true plans.

Marvel’s Daredevil: Season 1 Review


Now that we’ve seen the whole thing, here’s our full review for The Man Without Fear’s first Netflix season.

Daredevil: Episode 13 “Daredevil” Review


In Daredevil’s season finale, Matt and his allies try one final time to topple Kingpin’s plans.

Daredevil: Episode 12 “The Ones We Leave Behind” Review


In Daredevil’s penultimate Season 1 episode, Matt seeks to do damage to Kingpin’s operation.

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