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American Horror Story Midseason Finale Review


A special guest character from a previous Horror Story season dropped by for Freak Show’s fall finale.

Person of Interest: “The Cold War” Review


In a dangerous attempt to get The Machine’s attention, Samaritan plays havoc with the citizens of New York.

Marco Polo Review


Netflix’s new epic original series, Marco Polo, follows the famed explorer’s early years in the court of Kublai Khan. So how is it?

Constantine: “The Saint of Last Resorts, Part 1″ Review


In the Constantine midseason finale, John heads down to Mexico to help an old friend recover a stolen baby.

American Horror Story: “Tupperware Party Massacre” Review


Dandy went full-Dandy this week while Dot and Bette made a big decision about their future as sisters.

Constantine: “Blessed are the Damned” Review


When a rural preacher starts miraculously healing people, John calls upon Manny for help with the investigation.

American Horror Story: “Blood Bath” Review


In this week’s brutal episode of Freak Show, Ethel suspects Elsa of foul play while Gloria tries to get Dandy into therapy.

The Sheik Review


The crazy-but-true story of wrestling’s Iron Sheik has now been told in a new documentary, now available on VOD.

The Walking Dead: “Coda” Review


In The Walking Dead’s midseason finale, Rick, Daryl and the rest make their final play to rescue Beth and Carol.

Toy Story That Time Forgot Review


Woody, Buzz, Trixie, and Rex meet the armored, action-craving Battlesaurs in this new Toy Story holiday special.

Constantine: “Rage of Caliban” Review


John’s past demonic dealings cause him to question his ability to rescue a possessed young boy.

Person of Interest: “The Devil You Know” Review


While Shaw tries to cope with some shocking news, Reese fights to keep Elias from falling to Dominic and the Brotherhood.

The Penguins of Madagascar Review


Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private are here to save your Thanksgiving week from the clutches of John Malkovich’s evil octopus. Smile and wave, boys.

The Walking Dead: “Crossed” Review


Rick leads a rescue mission to Atlanta while Father Gabriel’s behavior back at the church becomes concerning.

Constantine: “Danse Vaudou” Review


Constantine and company head to New Orleans where a local cop, DC’s Jim Corrigan, and Papa Midnite help solve a series of supernatural murders.

The World of Ice & Fire Review


George R. R. Martin’s fully-illustrated historical compendium to his Game of Thrones books, and the HBO series, is as impressive as it is excessive.

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