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American Horror Story: Freak Show Season Finale Review


In the Freak Show season finale, Elsa follows her dreams to Hollywood while Dandy decides to exert his authority.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: “The Gang Group Dates” Photos


The Patty’s Pubbers decide to join forces and use a new group dating app to find love connections.

Parks and Recreation: “Leslie and Ron” Review


Leslie and Ron are forced to work out their issues on a great, emotional Parks and Rec episode.

Parks and Rec: “William Henry Harrison” Review


Leslie and Ron both scramble to get a big name local hero to endorse their respective sides of the Newport land feud.

Gotham: “What the Little Bird Told Him” Review


Fish makes a big move on Falcone while Gordon and Bullock hunt down an escapee from Arkham.

Mad Dogs Pilot Review


A reunion in paradise for a group of longtime friends quickly turns into a nightmare in this new Amazon pilot from The Shield’s Shawn Ryan.

Constantine: “The Saint of Last Resorts, Part 2″ Review


In Constantine’s midseason premiere, the team attempts to rescue John after he resorts to drastic measures while trying to heal himself.

Down Dog Pilot Review


Amazon’s new yoga comedy pilot Down Dog produces nothing but bad vibes.

The Man in the High Castle Pilot Review


Based on Philip K. Dick’s famous novel, Ridley Scott and Frank Spotnitz’s The Man in the High Castle is one of Amazon’s best pilots to date

It’s Always Sunny: Season 10 Premiere Review


In the season premiere of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the Gang drinks themselves sick on a cross-country flight.

Person of Interest: “Control-Alt-Delete” Review


In the final installment of Person of Interest’s Samaritan trilogy, Root and Reese track down Control to get some questions answered

Parks and Recreation: “Ron and Jammy” Review


Leslie and Ron put aside their differences to help a friend – well, Councilman Jamm – with a serious problem.

Parks and Recreation: Season 7 Premiere Review


For its final season premiere, Parks and Rec took us into the future, where Leslie and Ron competed for land and April and Andy tried to get crazy.

Togetherness: Season 1 Review


Brothers Mark and Jay Duplass bring their indie film skill set to a new HBO series about four adults dealing with dashed dreams.

The Missing: Season 1 Finale Review


In the The Missing’s powerful season finale, Tony and Emily discover what happened on the night young Ollie vanished.

American Horror Story: “Magical Thinking” Review


Neil Patrick Harris joins the Freak Show for its midseason premiere as a brain-damaged war vet who holds a special connection with a dummy.

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