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Gotham: “Everyone Has a Cobblepot” Review


Gordon and Bullock turn to Penguin for help in digging up dirt on Commissioner Loeb.

The Following: “New Blood” Review


In The Following Season 3 premiere, Ryan’s forced to confront a group of killers determined to make him, and others, pay for his past sins.

The Walking Dead: “Remember” Review


Rick and his pack of zompocalypse-weary survivors investigate their new surroundings

Black Sails: “XIV” Review


Jack sets out on his first mission as an official pirate captain while Flint and Vane disagree over the future of New Providence.

House of Cards: Season 3 Review


House of Cards: Season 3 is here and I’ve got a “Review in Progress” going for all you bold binge-watchers out there.

Vikings: “The Wanderer” Review


Lagertha continues to be courted by Ecbert while Ragnar looks to wipe out the remaining Mercian soldiers.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Review


Mac attempts to clear his dad’s name while Dennis and Dee try to cheer up a suicidal Bill Ponderosa.

Person of Interest: “Blunt” Review


Reese and Finch work to protect a con-artist who’s made an enemy of Dominic and the Brotherhood.

Parks and Recreation: Series Finale Review


In Parks and Rec’s perfect series finale, Leslie gets everyone together for one final public service project.

Gotham: “Red Hood” Review


A face from Alfred’s past pays a visit while Gordon and Bullock track down bank robbers who use a red mask while committing their crimes.

The Walking Dead: “The Distance” Review


Tensions rise as Michonne and Rick are confronted with an offer that may be a trap.

Black Sails: “XIII” Review


In a big, revealing episode of Black Sails, Miranda sets out to stop Flint from waging war on Vane.

Constantine Season Review


NBC’s adaptation of DC’s Constantine, from Dark Knight/Man of Steel’s David Goyer, is hoping for a renewal. So how was the first season?

Bosch Review


Titus Welliver stars as a hardened LAPD homicide detective in this new Amazon Original series. So is it a case worth investigating?

Vikings: “Mercenary” Review


In the Season 3 premiere of Vikings, Ragnar returns to Wessex and discovers that King Ecbert has a new challenge for him.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: “The Gang Misses the Boat” Review


Dennis decides it’s time to spend some time apart from The Gang, leaving Charlie and Dee to grow closer as friends.

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