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5 Reasons You Should Be Obsessed with Orphan Black


Time to join the Clone Club and catch up on Orphan Black before the S2 premiere. Here are a few reasons why you should dive into this great sci-fi series.

The Best Game of Thrones Season 3 GIFs


With Season 4 of HBO’s Game of Thrones just a little over a week away, here’s a neat, nifty look back at some of Season 3′s greatest moments through divine internet GIF-age.

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Wrestling Wrap Up: John Cena’s New Look


Plus, Batista splits his jeans, AJ set to face *every* Diva at ‘Mania, Scooby-Doo, Schwarzenegger, Jeff Jarrett, and more.

Wrestling Wrap Up: Triple H Might Be in the WrestleMania Main Event


WWE: Plus, CM Punk on Talking Dead, Naomi dons an eyepatch, Sting to WWE news, and…could JBL be behind a Vince McMahon parody Twitter account?

Wrestling Wrap Up: Daniel Bryan in Mania Main Event!


WWE: Plus, CM Punk returning to TV this week (no, not for the WWE), Andre the Giant Battle Royal added to ‘Mania, Jeff Hardy cackles wildly, and more.

Wrestling Wrap Up: No CM Punk for Chicago’s RAW


Plus, Batista turns heel, AJ kept off the show, new WWE tag champs, Shield vs. Wyatts II, WWE Network problems, and more…

The Top 5 Portlandia Sketches


Ahhh, Portland. Home of eco-friendly, locally grown, veggie-fed, GMO-free hilarity. Here’s five Portlandia sketches so great, they don’t even need a bird on ‘em!

Why FX’s The Americans is So Cool


FX’s awesome retro spy series returns Wednesday for what’s sure to be a stellar second season. Here’s why you should be watching.

Wrestling Wrap Up: Hulk Hogan, Undertaker


Plus, the WWE Network launch could have gone better, Elimination Chamber had some fun moments, and Batista needs to stop.

Wrestling Wrap Up: John Cena and Randy Orton’s Final Chapter?


WWE: Plus, Daniel Bryan’s given the night off, Roman Reigns acts romantic, Lita announced for 2014 Hall of Fame, and CM Punk chants die a quick death.

Wrestling Wrap Up: The CM Punk Situation


WWE: Plus, Daniel Bryan gets a big win, JBL gets a new hat, Emma dances her way into our hearts, and TNA’s “mystery investor” revealed!

Top 10 Super Bowl XLVIII Commercials


It was a year of suave villains, 80s icons, Muppets, and puppy love.

Wrestling Wrap Up: Royal Rumble Fallout


Plus, Batista acts like a jerk, Seth Rollins trips, the original Sin Cara gone, and…has Sting signed with the WWE?

Wrestling Wrap Up: Batista Returns!


WWE: Plus, Daniel Bryan cleared to wrestle, no one shows up to AJ’s party, Sting in talks with WWE (again), and Zeb Colter’s wild ride.

Wrestling Wrap Up: Bryan Turns on Bray


Plus, the WWE Network could be amazing, Kaitlyn takes her leave, Ultimate Warrior to the HoF, and Styles wrestles his last TNA match.

Wrestling Wrap Up: Jake the Snake Returns!

1Jake The Snake b

WWE: Plus, the legends come out for RAW, Daniel Bryan debuts with The Wyatts, Reigns beats Punk, and TNA needs a new home.

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