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House of Cards: Frank’s Most Ruthless Moments


House of Cards’ Season 3 is mere hours away, so here’s a look back at some of the the butchery committed by Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood.

New to Netflix for March 2015


Netflix in March means two new original series – Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Bloodline. Also, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Mad Men, and more.

Wrestling Wrap Up: Reigns vs. Lesnar Now Officially Official


Plus, Rusev beats Cena, Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt is happening, Sting vs. Triple H booked, and the WWE wants revenge on CM Punk.

7 Things to Watch this Week


The final Parks and Rec, House of Cards, Agent Carter’s season finale, Will Forte’s The Last Man on Earth, and more make up this week’s TV highlights.

25 Essential Andy Dwyer Quotes


As we get closer to Parks and Rec’s final episode, make yourselves feel better with some of Andy’s most magnificent, Macklin-y moments.

25 Essential Ron Swanson Quotes


With Parks and Rec about to leave our lives forever, here’s a look back at Ron Swanson’s best opinions, emotions, and advice.

Wrestling: All Hell Breaks Loose Between Reigns and Bryan


Plus, NXT Takeover rocks, Paige gets her clothes stolen, Ric Flair talks Sting, Darren Young speaks out, and… a good Total Divas?!

7 Things to Watch this Week


TV highlights this week include Vikings’ Season 3 premiere, Gotham kicking off Joker’s origin, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog’s new series, and more.

The Best and Worst of SNL’s 40th Anniversary Special


From Bill Murray to Eddie Murphy, Kanye to Sir Paul, here are the highlights and low points from Saturday Night Live’s 40 Anniversary Special.

9 Stars You Probably Didn’t Know Were SNL Cast Members


From Ben Stiller to Sarah Silverman to Robert Downey Jr., here are some former Saturday Night Live players you probably forgot about.

Who Could Replace Jon Stewart as The Daily Show Host?


Jon Stewart’s leaving The Daily Show and there’s nothing we can do about it! Except, well, make lists of hypothetical hosts who could take his place.

Constantine Star Promises a Big, Revealing Season Finale


Constantine star Matt Ryan discusses the loaded season finale, The Spectre, the chances of the show getting a Season 2, and more.

Wrestling Wrap Up: Roman Reigns Spears Daniel Bryan


Plus, Seth Rollins’ twitter scandal, Ziggler teams with Ryback, Alberto on Lucha Underground, Cena’s eye gets worse and more.

8 Things to Watch this Week


SNL’s 40th Anniversary, a Banshee revenge saga, Better Call Saul’s second episode, Constantine’s finale, and more make up this week’s TV highlights.

Everything You Need to Know About Better Call Saul


It’s time to LWYRUP and get the inside track on AMC’s new Breaking Bad spinoff, Better Call Saul.

Breaking Bad: 8 Great Saul Goodman Quotes


With Better Call Saul’s premiere this weekend, we look back at some of the quick-thinking, slick-talking lawyer’s greatest Breaking Bad lines.

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