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Marco Polo Star’s Assassin’s Creed Dreams


I spoke to the Lorenzo Richelmy of Netflix’s new series, Marco Polo, about being trained in Kung Fu by the team from The Matrix and his favorite video games.

Wrestling Wrap Up: CM Punk Joins the UFC


Plus, Seth Green hosts the annual Slammy awards, AJ tolerates Jerry Lawler’s touch, Charlotte wrestles on RAW, and more.

6 Things to Watch This Week


The week’s TV highlights include the end of Sons of Anarchy, Ra’s al Ghul on Arrow, Reverse Flash on The Flash, and a SHIELD family reunion.

The 20 Best TV Shows of 2014


It’s time to look back at the year of Purple Weddings and Yellow Kings. Of witches, vampires, giants, and Meeseeks. 2014 was a stellar year for TV.

Wrestling Wrap Up: Punk Speaks, Vince Responds!


CM Punk dropped a two-hour tell-all podcast about his decision to leave the WWE while Vince sat down with Stone Cold to answer a few questions.

New to Netflix for December 2014


Netflix in December means Oculus, American Horror Story: Coven, Broadchurch, and the new series Marco Polo.

New to Amazon Prime for December 2014


Amazon Prime’s December offerings include several Friday the 13th movies, Apocalypse Now, The Americans, Locke, and more.

7 Things to Watch This Week


This week’s TV highlights include The Flash/Arrow crossover, Peter Pan Live!, a Toy Story holiday special, and a Cory/Shawn reunion.

9 Shows to Binge-Watch Over Thanksgiving Break


Looking to gorge yourself on something other than turkey and stuffing during the long weekend? Here’s some quality TV choices to marathon.

Wrestling Wrap Up: Sting! Sting! Sting!


Plus, Survivor Series results, Daniel Bryan returns, AJ lashes out against the Bellas, Larry the Cable Guy on RAW, and TNA’s new TV station.

7 Things to Watch This Week


The Flash faces Blackout and Clock King, Korra starts its final five, while Gotham and The Walking Dead bid farewell until 2015.

Arrow: Cupid is Out to Win Oliver’s Heart… at Any Cost


I spoke to Amy Gumenik about her new villainous role on Arrow, playing a DC comic character created by series EP Andrew Kreisberg, and more.

Wrestling Wrap Up: Cena Finds His Survivor Series Team


Plus, a Wyatt wins gold, Grumpy Cat on RAW, the Bunny gets cozy with Adam Rose, new TNA tag champs and… is AJ leaving the WWE?

7 Things to Watch This Week


Harvey Dent on Gotham, Jim Corrigan on Constantine, Tommy returns to Power Rangers, Jax learns the ugly truth on SOA, and more.

Constantine: Zed’s Attraction to the Demon World


I spoke to Constantine’s AngĂ©lica Celaya about Zed’s relationship with John, this week’s “hunger demon” episode, and what’s to come.

Wrestling Wrap Up: Did Ryback Join Team Cena?


Plus, Adam Rose attacks his own party bunny, CM Punk’s new comic book gig, AJ’s new website, Lucha Underground, and more.

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