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John Noble to Play Sherlock’s Father on Elementary


Fringe/Sleepy Hollow star John Noble has joined the cast of CBS’ Elementary to play the estranged father of the world’s greatest detective.

Elementary: Season 3 Finale Review


In Elementary’s Season 3 finale, Sherlock’s journey to save a friend puts his own sobriety in danger.

Hannibal: Season 3 Trailer Reveals ‘Bride of Hannibal’


Feast your eyes on this new trailer for Hannibal’s third season, featuring Dr. Lecter’s new dynamic with Gillian Anderson’s Dr. Du Maurier.

Penny Dreadful: “Fresh Hell” Review


Showtime’s Penny Dreadful is back, and in the Season 2 premiere Vanessa and Ethan face a new, dark threat.

5 Game of Thrones Book-to-Show Changes We Dislike


When it comes to HBO’s Game of Thrones, most of the changes made to GRRM’s books make for great TV. But these omissions made us sad.

The Flash: Spartacus’ Liam McIntyre is Weather Wizard


Spartacus himself, Liam McIntyre, is headed to Central City to play Weather Wizard on CW’s The Flash.

The Least Appetizing Moments on The Walking Dead


As you sit down for your Thanksgiving feast, let’s look at some of The Walking Dead’s grossest moments to date! Mmmm!

Person of Interest: Sarah Shahi Talks Shaw & Root


IGN talks to actress Sarah Shahi about this week’s “can’t miss” episode, Shaw’s unspoken love for Root, and The Machine acting like a “mother.”

Two New Cast Members Join Community Season 6


With Community’s ranks continuously dwindling, the series adds two new characters played by actors who’ve appeared on the series before.

Ranking Every Episode of Lost


For Lost’s 10-year anniversary, here’s IGN’s ranking of every single episode. From flying kites to moving an island to becoming unstuck in time.

Rosario Dawson Joins Netflix’s Daredevil


The Sin City/Death Proof will join the crusade to save Hell’s Kitchen alongside “The Man Without Fear.”

WWE Officially Announces Hulk Hogan’s Return


Just hours after TMZ broke the news that Hulk Hogan would be appearing on RAW this Monday (something rumor sites have been claiming a while), the WWE made the announcement that Hogan had indeed returned to the company – and will host WrestleMania 30.

Not sure what the WWE’s original plan was for keeping Hulk Hogan’s return a secret – as you’d assume they’d have benefited from advertising his appearance this Monday. But the way it looks not is that they, once again, rushed out an announcement due to the media breaking the news early.

Vince McMahon Comments on CM Punk

Either way, Hulk Hogan’s back, he’ll be on RAW, and he’s hosting WrestleMania 30. Here bits from the official press release:

WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan has returned to WWE (NYSE:WWE) and will host WrestleMania® 30 on Sunday, April 6 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. Hogan will make his long-awaited return to WWE this Monday on Raw®, which airs live at 8 pm ET on USA Network. He will also appear on WWE Raw Backstage Pass, airing live on WWE Network on Monday night at 11:05 pm ET.

“We are thrilled that Hulk Hogan has returned home to WWE,” said WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon. “It’s fitting to have him help us celebrate 30 years of WrestleMania and usher in a new era with the launch of WWE Network.”

“Words cannot express how excited I am to be back in the WWE family,” said Hulk Hogan. “I only have one question for the WWE Universe: whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild as the host of WrestleMania 30?”


Matt Fowler is a member of the Television Critics Association. Follow him on Twitter at @TheMattFowler

Hulk Hogan Returning to RAW on Monday


There’d been reports that Hulk Hogan was headed back to RAW to help hype the WWE’s launch of their WWE Network and now it’s been confirmed. What’s he gonna do at WrestleMania 30? Well, that’s another matter.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Ryu

TMZ has confirmed what many of us already suspected, that Hulk Hogan was returning to WWE TV on this Monday’s RAW to do some “old school” selling of the new WWE Network.

“We know .. Hogan has been training at the WWE Performance Center in Florida … and our rock-solid wrestling sources tell us the Hulkster will make his re-debut with the WWE on “Monday Night Raw” on Feb. 24th.”

Best of WCW War Games on Blu-ray

We do know however that Hogan didn’t pass the WWE’s psychical for in-ring action, so he probably won’t be throwing down with anyone. And as for his role at April’s WrestleMania 30? Well, the rumor is that he’ll be acting in a “host” capacity. The way The Rock did back at ‘Mania 27.

Here’s TMZ’s pic of Hogan at the WWE Performance Center…


Matt Fowler is a member of the Television Critics Association. Follow him on Twitter at @TheMattFowler

A Guardians of the Galaxy/Parks and Rec Mashup Was Inevitable


How do you take something delightful and make it even more delightful? Why, you use footage from the awesome new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, starring Parks and Rec/LEGO Movie‘s Chris Pratt, and you turn it into the Parks and Rec opening credits!

And yes, in case you couldn’t guess from the giant MTV logos splashed all over the video, this specific piece of inspired internet comes from the station formerly known as Music Television.

Chris Pratt Sings About Van Damme

Matt Fowler is a member of the Television Critics Association. Follow him on Twitter at @TheMattFowler

Bruce Springsteen Covers INXS


When Bruce Springsteen tours down under, he gives the people what they want. And here he is at a recent gig in Sydney, Australia covering an INXS classic.

R Rated Movies Become Kid’s Books

Full disclosure: I’m a massive INXS fan. So hearing The Boss cover 1982’s “Don’t Change” (and then bleeding it into “Born to Run”) has me musically geeking out like a mo’fo. Now, if he could just do Midnight Oil’s “Forgotten Years” on his next stop…

And yes, that is Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello playing guitar. If you didn’t know, he’s been playing with the E Street Band on and off for a few years now.

Here’s the original INXS version, btw…

Matt Fowler is a member of the Television Critics Association. Follow him on Twitter at @TheMattFowler

The WWE Issues a Statement on CM Punk’s Job Status


With rumors circulating this past weekend that CM Punk had been granted an early release, the WWE felt compelled to release a short-but-sweet statement regarding his current situation.

Jim Ross + Jamaican Club Dancing

There were a few whispers (which I didn’t report on) over the past few days that people were talking backstage at WWE house shows about CM Punk being officially gone from the WWE – that he’d been given the okay to walk away from his contract early.

The WWE, just moments ago, reached out to

“WWE has officially stated that C.M. Punk has not been released.”

This is the first time the WWE has mentioned, albeit briefly, the Punk crisis. Despite this claim though, and the fact that Punk is still listed on the Superstar Roster page, there are still plenty of rumors out there stating that Punk’s been telling people that he’s done (via

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Matt Fowler is a member of the Television Critics Association. Follow him on Twitter at @TheMattFowler

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