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Wrestling Wrap Up: Kane Returns to Demon Form


WWE: Daniel Bryan takes time off for a family tragedy, the fans vote for Cena to face all three Wyatts, Legends’ House debuts, and more.

When is Rob Van Dam Returning to the WWE?


Rob Van Dam – last seen facing then World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio on the Battleground PPV – is headed back to the WWE for another multi-month stint. But when is he schedule to show up?

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‘Untitled Billy Corgan Wrestling Project’ in Development at AMC


AMC announced their new development slate this afternoon, including new creative endeavors with Chris Carter (The X-Files), Amy Lippman (Masters of Sex), Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (This is the End) along with an unscripted series about Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan’s wrestling company, Resistance Pro.

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Wrestling Wrap Up: John Cena’s New Look


Plus, Batista splits his jeans, AJ set to face *every* Diva at ‘Mania, Scooby-Doo, Schwarzenegger, Jeff Jarrett, and more.

Scott Hall to 2014 WWE Hall of Fame…But as Razor Ramon


It was announced on RAW that Scott Hall is officially being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame – but specifically as his 90s gimmick “Razor Ramon.”

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WWE Polling Fans About Nine Potential Network Reality Series


The WWE, looking for more original programming to add to their WWE Network, sent out a survey to fans asking them to pick their favorite of nine new possible reality show ideas – from Steve Blackman the Bounty Hunter to a prank show featuring Superstars tricking “superfans.”

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JBL Responds to @CrankyVince Accusations


Former WWE champion and current WWE announcer JBL took to his Facebook page today to formerly respond to accusations of him being the brains behind the Vince McMahon parody Twitter account – @CrankyVince.

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Wrestling Wrap Up: Triple H Might Be in the WrestleMania Main Event


WWE: Plus, CM Punk on Talking Dead, Naomi dons an eyepatch, Sting to WWE news, and…could JBL be behind a Vince McMahon parody Twitter account?

Is JBL the One Behind the @CrankyVince Twitter Account?


After what looked to be a Twitter slip up last night, many are now pointing the finger at WWE Commentator JBL as being the man behind the famed Vince McMahon parody account.

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Mr. T to 2014 WWE Hall of Fame


The WWE announced today that pop-culture icon Mr. T will be this year’s celebrity inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame.

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How Was CM Punk’s Appearance On AMC’s Talking Dead Handled?


CM Punk returned to television last night for the first time since the Royal Rumble PPV – to be a guest on Talking Dead, AMC’s post-show recap series for The Walking Dead. So was the WWE mentioned at all?

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Wrestling Wrap Up: Daniel Bryan in Mania Main Event!


WWE: Plus, CM Punk returning to TV this week (no, not for the WWE), Andre the Giant Battle Royal added to ‘Mania, Jeff Hardy cackles wildly, and more.

Top 10 Cesaro Uppercuts


Pretty cool that Cesaro’s already got himself a WWE Top 10 video, but here it is – counting down the Swiss Superman’s best Euro-uppercuts.

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Wrestling Wrap Up: No CM Punk for Chicago’s RAW


Plus, Batista turns heel, AJ kept off the show, new WWE tag champs, Shield vs. Wyatts II, WWE Network problems, and more…

Paul Bearer to WWE 2014 Hall of Fame


Last night on RAW, it was announced that the late, great William Moody – aka Paul Bearer – would join the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2014.

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The Rules for Hijacking Tonight’s Chicago RAW


As we get closer and closer to what might be the most *interesting* WWE RAW since the show’s beginnings, the hot topic is, of course, CM Punk and the Chicago crowd. A crowd which has (or at least a few members of which have) drawn up a set of official rules for hijacking the show. Read up…

No one really knows what to expect from tonight’s show, although there are reports that the WWE has loaded it up with crowd favorites to thwart any attempts to chant over the programming – i.e. Daniel Bryan, The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar (again), etc.

Dolph Ziggler Shoots on Batista

But there’s also a report from The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer stating that CM Punk is actually returning tonight too. A claim that other wrestling reporters (who’ve used their own backstage “sources”) say holds water). Those who choose not to believe it though think it’s possibly just a stunt by the WWE to make the fans think Punk might return in order to quell an uprising.

Nevertheless, the Twitter account created for the Chicago RAW Crowd now has over 10k followers. And a set of official guidelines…


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