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Wrestling Wrap Up: Brock Lesnar Finally Returns to RAW


Plus, NXT Takeover is awesome, TLC has its moments, Chris Jericho as RAW GM, Cena holds a locker room meeting, and more.

Wrestling Wrap Up: CM Punk Joins the UFC


Plus, Seth Green hosts the annual Slammy awards, AJ tolerates Jerry Lawler’s touch, Charlotte wrestles on RAW, and more.

Wrestling Wrap Up: Punk Speaks, Vince Responds!


CM Punk dropped a two-hour tell-all podcast about his decision to leave the WWE while Vince sat down with Stone Cold to answer a few questions.

Wrestling Wrap Up: Sting! Sting! Sting!


Plus, Survivor Series results, Daniel Bryan returns, AJ lashes out against the Bellas, Larry the Cable Guy on RAW, and TNA’s new TV station.

Wrestling Wrap Up: Cena Finds His Survivor Series Team


Plus, a Wyatt wins gold, Grumpy Cat on RAW, the Bunny gets cozy with Adam Rose, new TNA tag champs and… is AJ leaving the WWE?

Wrestling Wrap Up: Did Ryback Join Team Cena?


Plus, Adam Rose attacks his own party bunny, CM Punk’s new comic book gig, AJ’s new website, Lucha Underground, and more.

Wrestling Wrap Up: Rusev Wins the U.S. Title


Plus, Vince returns to RAW, WWE Network is free in November, Orton gets taken out by Rollins, Roode becomes the TNA Champ, and more.

Wrestling Wrap Up: Cena Refuses to Join the Authority


Plus, Hell in a Cell results, Mark Henry turns on Big Show, AJ’s got no one left to face, Mizdow is amazing, Orton’s babyface turn, and more

AJ Lee Talks Hell in a Cell, Comic Books, and The Walking Dead


IGN talks to the WWE Divas Champ about working with Paige, possibly facing Stephanie McMahon, Total Divas, and The Walking Dead

Wrestling Wrap Up: Mick Foley Returns to RAW


Plus, Cena and Orton are now fighting for a chance to face Lesnar, Paige is headed to Total Divas, Mizdow gets a big win, and more.

Wrestling Wrap Up: The Rock vs. Triple H at WrestleMania?


Plus, Cena faces Ambrose, Big Show takes on Rusev, tag teams destroy each other in a TNA Full Metal Mayhem match, and more.

Wrestling Wrap Up: The Rock’s Surprise Return


Plus, Kathie Lee and Hoda stink up the joint, Ambrose attacks with condiments, and Total Divas actually sheds some light on Bryan’s rehabilitation.

Wrestling Wrap Up: Ambrose Pranks Rollins


Plus, the bunny parties with Jesse Jackson, Rusev threatens Big Show’s manhood, Luke Harper’s been rebuilt, and wrestlers on Amazing Race.

Wrestling: Roman Reigns Out, Dean Ambrose Back In


Plus, new champions crowned at of Night of Champions, Florida Georgia Line ruins everything, Brie and Bryan can’t afford to buy a B&B, and more.

Wrestling: Cena and Lesnar Clash Before PPV


Plus, Mark Henry confronts Rusev, Rollins and Reigns battle on RAW (before their PPV match), NXT Takeover, Ziggler gets his own “double,” and more.

Wrestling: Jerry Springer Brawl on RAW Season Premiere


Plus, Bray Wyatt meets Chris Jericho in a cage, Cena swears to never stop Cena’ing, Seth Rollins almost dies, and…BUNNY KICK!

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