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Wrestling: Sting Suffers Injury at Night of Champions


Plus, two Kanes return, Paige dishes out a heel promo, Rusev and New Day are best friends, Lucha Undeground: Season 2 news, and more.

WWE Night of Champions Results


The results of Kevin Owens vs. Ryback, New Day vs. Dudley Boyz, Nikki vs. Charlotte, Rollins vs. Cena – and Rollins vs. Sting!

Wrestling Wrap Up: Sting and Cena Team Up on RAW


Plus, Triple H dances, Sasha Banks dances, Renee Young dances, and Charlotte vs. Nikki Bella ends in tragedy.

Wrestling: Sting Destroys Seth Rollins’ Precious Statue


Plus, Lana breaks her wrist, a fan gets uncomfortably close to the champ, Stone Cold chats with Edge and Christian and more.

Wrestling Wrap Up: Rollins to Face Sting and Cena at NOC


Plus, the Divas hold a “Beat the Clock” challenge, an NXT firing, and NXT (adjacent) shooting, Summer sees Ziggler naked, and more.

WWE SummerSlam 2015 Live Blog and Results


Who won at Summerslam?

Wrestling: Sting Returns, Ruins Seth Rollins’ Celebration


Plus, the Dudley Boys return, a new Wyatt debuts, Jon Stewart takes an AA from Cena, and more Divas Revolution disappointment.

5 Best Moments from WWE SummerSlam 2015


From Jon Stewart to Stephen Amell to Undertaker’s laugh, we list off the best moments from WWE’s Biggest Party of the Summer.

The 10 Best John Cena Matches


Love him or hate him, John Cena has delivered some awesome matches over his decade+ on top. Here’s a look at the absolute best.

Wrestling Wrap Up: Undertaker Low Blows Lesnar Again


Plus, Jon Stewart returning to WWE, Lana takes out Summer Rae, Arrow’s Stephen Amell injured, Rollins calls Cena a villain, and TNA vs. GFW.

Wrestling: Arrow’s Stephen Amell Has a SummerSlam Match


Plus, Summer Rae destroys Lana, Ambrose and Reigns sync up, Lucha Underground airs its season finale, and could Cena be out of SummerSlam?

Wrestling Wrap Up: Remembering Roddy Piper


Plus, Cena kept off RAW, TNA honors Jeff Jarrett, Dana White uses the “F” word, Ziggler and Kane co-starring in a WWE movie, and more.

Wrestling: Rollins Breaks Cena’s Nose During Match


Plus, Hulk Hogan fired from WWE and wiped from website, Summer Rae gets a new dog, Eva Marie re-debuts on NXT, and more.

Hulk Hogan Fired from WWE


UPDATE: Hulk Hogan has released a statement after parting ways with the WWE.

6 Wrestlers Who Never Recovered After a John Cena Feud


With Kevin Owens wrapping up his epic feud with John Cena, we look back at some big names who have had a hard time recovering post-Cena.

Wrestling Wrap Up: Undertaker and Lesnar’s Epic Brawl


Plus, the women of NXT make their mark at Battleground and RAW, Cena challenges Rollins, MVP quits TNA and more.

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