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Wrestling: Jerry Springer Brawl on RAW Season Premiere


Plus, Bray Wyatt meets Chris Jericho in a cage, Cena swears to never stop Cena’ing, Seth Rollins almost dies, and…BUNNY KICK!

Wrestling Wrap Up: Cena Must Prove Himself to Triple H


Plus, AJ confronts Steph, the Party Bunny attacks, Nikki reveals dark secrets about Brie, TNA’s stuck in the past, and WWE wants Michael Sam.

Wrestling Wrap Up: Hogan/Flair/HBK Weigh In On Cena


Plus, a Daniel Bryan injury update, Spike gives TNA a few more months, AJ flirts with Paige, lots of ALS challenges, and Nikki humiliates Brie.

Wrestling: Brock Lesnar Destroys Cena


Plus, SummerSlam results, Rollins takes out Ambrose, a turncoat Nikki slaps Brie, and Bully Ray quits TNA.

Wrestling: Hogan’s Birthday Brings Out NWO


Plus, Daniel Bryan accused of having an affair, Alberto Del Rio fired, WWE Network goes partially global, and Dixie Carter goes through a table.

Roman Reigns Says He’s 100% Ready


IGN talks to WWE Superstar Roman Reigns about his SummerSlam match with Randy Orton, being ready for the world title, and Anoa’i family pressures.

Wrestling Wrap Up: Steph Pedigrees Both Bella Twins


Plus, the WWE (over) promotes their Network, Ambrose rips up the MITB contract, TNA and Spike TV part ways, and Kane hangs up his mask.

Wrestling: Brock Lesnar Back on RAW


Plus, Steph arrested, Paige attacks AJ, Punk says he’s never coming back, Rusev/Swagger feud dropped, and the 6-Sided Ring returns to TNA.

Wrestling: Daniel Bryan Removed from Storyline Plans


Plus, Cena gives Ric Flair the WHC belt, Sting shows up in a WWE 2K15 commercial, Jeff Hardy ditches “Willow,” and… is Seth Rollins hurt?

Wrestling: Santino Marella Retires from the Ring


Plus, Jericho jacket fail, AJ and Paige team up, Bo Dallas gets more villainous, and…could Sting be on RAW next week?

WWE: Emma Fired, Then Rehired


The WWE terminates Emma over a shoplifting arrest, then reverses their decision an hour later.

Wrestling: Chris Jericho and AJ Lee Return to WWE!


Plus, Triple H gives Roman Reigns another world title match, MVP stripped of power, and Sandow impersonates Vince.

John Cena to Turn Heel for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler


The current WWE World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena, has signed on to play a villain in Amy Poehler and Tina Fey’s new comedy.

Wrestling: Ambrose & Rollins in 2nd MITB Ladder Match


Plus, Vickie and Steph roll around in slop, Lawler caught peeping, a new TNA World champion crowned, and… is AJ Lee pregnant?

Wrestling: Seth Rollins Talks About His Treachery


Plus, Daniel Bryan finally stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight title, Cena teams with The Shield, WWE looking for Sting clones, and more.

Wrestling: The Shield – Say It Ain’t So!


Plus, Batista quits, Payback results, Bryan still keeping his world title, MVP injured, Total Divas finale, and more.

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