George Lucas Visits Chris Jericho


Recently, during the production of Syfy’s competition series Robot Combat League, hosted by Chris Jericho, George Lucas flew out for a set visit. But what interest did Lucas have with this robot fighting show? I spoke with Chris Jericho himself about the visit and discovered why Lucas popped by.

On Robot Combat League, teams that include engineers and fighters pit their human-sized robots against each other for three rounds of brutal combat – with the team’s fighter controlling the robot through a motion sensor suit – ala Real Steel. Well, as I found out from host, and on-again/off-again WWE Superstar, Chris Jericho, one of the fighters was none other than George Lucas’ daughter, Amanda Lucas.

“George Lucas came down,” Jericho told me. “His daughter’s one of the contestants. She’s an actual MMA fighter. And I asked him what is was like to see his vision from forty years ago come to life like this? And he said that the fact that technology has gotten to this point blows his mind.”

“And now that we have fighting robots, in twenty years they’ll probably destroy the human race,” Jericho joked. “Just remember that you saw them on Syfy first. This is where Skynet starts.”

So, knowing that you can be any size and/or gender to wear one of the robot sensor suits, who were some of the other fighters? “One was an MMA fighter. One of them was an Olympic athlete. Another guy was an army colonel. There were a lot of different kinds. A personal trainer. And, you know, five foot girls who were just maybe athletic. It didn’t matter what your stature was. Once you put on the suit, it was all about the strategy. And that was the beauty of it. In fact, if the show keeps going on, you could have a kids’ version. Because it’s not about this [puts up his hands to box], it’s about this [points to his brain].

Here’s the trailer for Robot Combat League…

Robot Combat League premieres Tuesday, February 26th at 10/9c on Syfy.

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