Hulk Hogan Returning to RAW on Monday


There’d been reports that Hulk Hogan was headed back to RAW to help hype the WWE’s launch of their WWE Network and now it’s been confirmed. What’s he gonna do at WrestleMania 30? Well, that’s another matter.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Ryu

TMZ has confirmed what many of us already suspected, that Hulk Hogan was returning to WWE TV on this Monday’s RAW to do some “old school” selling of the new WWE Network.

“We know .. Hogan has been training at the WWE Performance Center in Florida … and our rock-solid wrestling sources tell us the Hulkster will make his re-debut with the WWE on “Monday Night Raw” on Feb. 24th.”

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We do know however that Hogan didn’t pass the WWE’s psychical for in-ring action, so he probably won’t be throwing down with anyone. And as for his role at April’s WrestleMania 30? Well, the rumor is that he’ll be acting in a “host” capacity. The way The Rock did back at ‘Mania 27.

Here’s TMZ’s pic of Hogan at the WWE Performance Center…


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6 Responses to “Hulk Hogan Returning to RAW on Monday”

  1. El Stevo says:

    This shouldn’t excite me – he’s worn out, arrogant & his last run was a difficult sell for kayfabe. But damn when Real American hits I know I’ll be grinning like a Cheshire cat.

    • DEBO 215 says:

      How can you not? It’ll be good…The kids won’t get it, but for us 80’s babies that grew up during Hulkamania then the Attitude Era, it’ll be fun.

  2. DEBO 215 says:

    I’ve heard Taker’, Flair and maybe Sting too…
    Man I can’t wait for EC to be over…what a crap, filler PPV that will be…

  3. Logios says:

    sources confirm Hulkster is going to gingerly walk his crippled body to the ring and receive a live back surgery followed by injections of pain killers…

    …seriously though that’s fun I suppose…

    • DEBO 215 says:

      Hogan vs. Flair at WM 30. Ladder match. Dangling in the middle of the ring will be a box containing 10 “Depends” adult diapers, a coupon for half off the early bird special at iHop, one Ludens cough drop, a life alert necklace, and a tube of “Ben Gay”.

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