JBL Responds to @CrankyVince Accusations


Former WWE champion and current WWE announcer JBL took to his Facebook page today to formerly respond to accusations of him being the brains behind the Vince McMahon parody Twitter account – @CrankyVince.

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Here’s the @CrankyVince story from yesterday

And here’s JBL’s FB page response…

“So let me get this right, some have claimed I am behind a parody account-and the proof of that is that last night I tweeted out something and then shortly after the parody account tweeted the same thing?

So, I would have had to tweet it on my iPhone, then right away tweet it on the WWE computer (not my computer) on my desktop (because it showed that the two tweets were sent from different devices) that is on camera and in full view of fans and of course King and Cole, all the while doing commentary for Raw. Brilliant.

I can say 100% it is not me-it’s crazy to me that anyone would think it would be. Don’t know why this was done, I think WWE’s IT guys have it figured out-but doesn’t matter, someone is having fun on Twitter and that’s fine. I’ll block anyone who brings it up as whoever is behind this account certainly doesn’t have WWE’s best intentions.

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I do my best to do a good job on commentary and wish any focus was on a great show last night-not a silly Twitter account that is NOT me.

Does it even make sense that I would tweet it out from my personal account and then also from a parody account right after-why would anyone do this? Why would anyone tweet from both accounts, if this is possible-I’m sure it is if you know the tech world well, which I don’t.

LOVING all our shows lately-this time of year is the very best and what should be, and is for the most part, the focus of all fans (which I am one).”

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  • Jecht315

    Someone is defensive….

  • Jared M Evans

    Yeah a tad bit defensive there and quick to jump on the “it wasn’t me!!!” angle. The whole concept of “I am going to block people who accuse me” seems rather childish and a kneejerk reaction to run and hide in a corner as well.

  • Jesse Sifuentes

    I believe him. Couldn’t anyone one just copy paste what he tweeted?

  • Logios

    ya…I hear you John…but this is exactly what the person who was crankyvince would say! Since it is way more fun to revel in conspiracy, then take a man at his word, I choose the former…sorry JBL…

  • Lord_Tyranny2577

    Cease your prattling at once, JBL! And you, Showrenity-person! Inform upon us of the Daniel Bryan’s medical conditionings!

  • Alexandro Ruiz

    LOL have 2 FB acount one of them 1 run on the web browser on mi phone and the other i use the fb app on the same phone. It could have been that he screw up and just copy and paste the message. The Location part is easy.. Download fake GPS app and you could say you were in London and still be in your home. BTW JBL in different occasion have twitted on Raw. So Sorry JBL For me Your are Guilty.

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