John Cena Injured on RAW?


Tonight on WWE RAW, during the Wyatt Family attack, John Cena legitimately injured his knee, limping through half of the segment. But how serious is it?

At first, people wondered if it was a work, but now it seems that Cena did in fact hurt himself out there, leading to some intense swelling around the knee area. No word on how critical the situation is, but I take the fact that the announcers were giving us updates all throughout RAW as a good(isn) sign.

Foley Reacts to Elimination Chamber

Here’s a pic of the swelling…


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8 Responses to “John Cena Injured on RAW?”

  1. Nick Barry says:

    I bet some people are gonna be happy about this.

  2. JasonDhalle says:

    If it’s just a dislocation he could wrestle at Mania. It’s almost 6 weeks from now. Until that injury happened it looked like they were setting up Bray vs Cena but when Cena got hurt they went back to The Shield feud. I wouldn’t mind seeing Wyatts vs Shield in a cage at Mania. Sounds like money. That’s obviously just all speculation by me though haha

  3. Glenjose says:

    They should put cena and Bryan in the title match and have shield vs Wyatts, why does triple h even need to be on the card?

  4. Logios says:

    ha…bray did it on purpose because he knew he was never going to get to pin Cena…now he has a chance to win mania…

  5. Logios says:

    If Cena is injured, I wonder if that will change WWE’s attitude towards Punk…I know HHH thinks hes the biggest draw of all time, but a PPV with no Punk AND Cena??…that would be a big deal for them I think…

  6. DEBO 215 says:

    Man that crowd was a dead fish last night…Cena will be fine. He’s Cena. I have a bad feeling that WM 30 is going to flat out suck though.
    Barista vs. Orton
    Taker vs. Lesnar
    Bryan vs. HHH
    I’m already bored…

  7. Brendan Canty says:

    I am a fan from the 80’s and Attitude Era who has pretty much stopped watching wrestling due to the product. The Wrap Up and other Fowler related wrestling updates are my only connection nowadays, but I respect the hell out of him for continuing the segment.

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