The Rules for Hijacking Tonight’s Chicago RAW


As we get closer and closer to what might be the most *interesting* WWE RAW since the show’s beginnings, the hot topic is, of course, CM Punk and the Chicago crowd. A crowd which has (or at least a few members of which have) drawn up a set of official rules for hijacking the show. Read up…

No one really knows what to expect from tonight’s show, although there are reports that the WWE has loaded it up with crowd favorites to thwart any attempts to chant over the programming – i.e. Daniel Bryan, The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar (again), etc.

Dolph Ziggler Shoots on Batista

But there’s also a report from The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer stating that CM Punk is actually returning tonight too. A claim that other wrestling reporters (who’ve used their own backstage “sources”) say holds water). Those who choose not to believe it though think it’s possibly just a stunt by the WWE to make the fans think Punk might return in order to quell an uprising.

Nevertheless, the Twitter account created for the Chicago RAW Crowd now has over 10k followers. And a set of official guidelines…


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7 Responses to “The Rules for Hijacking Tonight’s Chicago RAW”

  1. Shane Saiyan says:

    This is hilarious and awesome. I hope there are people handing this out outside the building.

  2. pwnednoob says:

    I was very happy that Ziggler had something to do on Smackdown and I hope it continues on RAW tonight. “We Want Ziggler” Chant would be amazing.

  3. Logios says:

    incredible…even if nothing actually happens on Raw…the anticipation and tension of the crowd will be incredible to watch…if they really turn around for the mentions segments that will make for some great TV

  4. DEBO 215 says:

    Great rules. Great work. I’m very excited especially considering…
    Daniel Bryan vs. Batista tonight. It’s going to be ROWDY! I’ve been looking forward to this MNR since prior to EC…I hope it delivers!
    Do work Chicago! It’s clobberin’ time!

  5. Lord_Tyranny2577 says:

    Man…I always figured the only rule was that there were no rules.

  6. Citizen Cane says:

    Organised chaos is MY JAM!

  7. Lord_Tyranny2577 says:

    Showrenity person! Did you see? Daniel Bryan hijacked the highjacking!

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