Sam Mendes’ Frankenstein Series to Showtime

Daniel Craig in Skyfall

Showtime has picked up a project, reportedly straight to series, from Skyfall’s director and co-writer, Sam Mendes and John Logan, about a Van Helsing/Dr. Frankenstein team up in 1800s London, with literary underpinnings akin to The League of Extraordinary Gentleman.

The original pitch for the series, from back in November, was that this series involved vampire hunting and a team of famous gothic literary characters. Word has it now, from Deadline, that the original concept has been tweaked a bit to fit Showtime’s audience. It’s now being described as a “psychological horror drama” featuring Dr. Frankenstein and his monster. Hopefully, in the upcoming months, we’ll get more details about this series and the actual premise. Nothing about vampires, or Van Helsing, was mentioned in Deadline’s story.

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