Top 10 Cesaro Uppercuts


Pretty cool that Cesaro’s already got himself a WWE Top 10 video, but here it is – counting down the Swiss Superman’s best Euro-uppercuts.

True Detective/Law & Order Mashup

Rob Zombie’s Charles Manson TV Show

Again, who’s to say what the best Cesaro uppercut is (if I were to nitpick, the order seems out of whack)? I’m just happy he’s being singled out.

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2 Responses to “Top 10 Cesaro Uppercuts”

  1. Ominous Prime says:

    “SHORYUKEN!” needs to be shouted when doing these!

  2. Don Shanahan says:

    I’ll never understand why his lifting uppercut isn’t sold like a finisher. It’s way more of a dazzling move than the Neuralizer.

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