Yo. Watch All the 2014 Super Bowl Commercials Now


Those of you who only watch the Super Bowl “for the commercials” are in luck. Here’s four hours of your life prematurely given back to you. Check out the Super Bowl spots from Axe, Budweiser, Chevy, Cheerios, Doritos, and more – featuring Terry Crews, The Muppets, Ellen, Scarlett Johansson among others!

Okay, so these aren’t all of the commercials. And some are actually teasers. But more and more companies are putting their Super Bowl ads online now since there’s a big chance people will miss them while they’re going potty, filling their feed bags, or accidentally skipping them while fast-forwarding on their DVRs because there are so many damned ad breaks (that last one’s me).

Bud Light w/Arnold Schwarzenegger, Don Cheadle, Minka Kelly, and Reggie Watts

Audi “Doberhuahua”

Axe Peace “Make Love, Not War”

Beats Music w/Ellen

Budweiser “Puppy Love”

Budweiser “A Hero’s Welcome”

Bud Light “Whatever is Coming”




CarMax (Dog Version)


Chevy “Romance”

Chobani “Ransacked”

Coke “Going All the Way”

Two of These 5 Five Doritos Commercials

H & M w/David Beckham

Hyundai “Nice”

Hyundai “Dad’s Sixth Sense”

Jaguar w/British Villains

Kia “The Truth”

M & Ms


Oikos “The Spill”

Pepsi‘s Intro to the Halftime Show

SodaSteam w/Scarlett Johansson (including banned version that includes “Sorry, Coke and Pepsi)


Squarespace – A Better Web Awaits (:30)

Toyota w/Terry Crews and Muppets

Volkswagen “Wings”

Wonderful Pistachios w/Stephen Colbert

Matt Fowler is a member of the Television Critics Association. Follow him on Twitter at @TheMattFowler

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