The WWE Issues a Statement on CM Punk’s Job Status


With rumors circulating this past weekend that CM Punk had been granted an early release, the WWE felt compelled to release a short-but-sweet statement regarding his current situation.

Jim Ross + Jamaican Club Dancing

There were a few whispers (which I didn’t report on) over the past few days that people were talking backstage at WWE house shows about CM Punk being officially gone from the WWE – that he’d been given the okay to walk away from his contract early.

The WWE, just moments ago, reached out to

“WWE has officially stated that C.M. Punk has not been released.”

This is the first time the WWE has mentioned, albeit briefly, the Punk crisis. Despite this claim though, and the fact that Punk is still listed on the Superstar Roster page, there are still plenty of rumors out there stating that Punk’s been telling people that he’s done (via

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6 Responses to “The WWE Issues a Statement on CM Punk’s Job Status”

  1. Lord_Tyranny2577 says:

    Just when I thought I knew what to believe.

  2. DEBO 215 says:

    I think it’s a work. I think they mutually decided that he needed a rest. At least this is what I will continue to tell myself…

    • David Arroyo says:

      This certainly adds credence to the work hypothesis. If so, what is the end game for this angle? He comes back, yeah. but for what/why/etc ?

      • DEBO 215 says:

        I’m hoping he gets involved at Mania’. How great would it be if he stayed out of their programming altogether, but then showed up and say helped Bryan win the title at Mania’…Gorilla style through the crowd…The pop would be insane.

        • David Arroyo says:

          I love that. Unfortunately, I have no faith in WWE to pull off something like that, but who knows, they may find themselves needing a Deus Ex Machina for Daniel Bryan and Punk’s involvement might be it.

  3. Citizen Cane says:

    This kind of gives me hope.

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